About Occupy Cars


Hey fellow Electric Occupy Carionistas, Companions and Friends!

Occupy Cars is a productive collective, which gathers around the idea of retrofitting cars with opensource electric drivetrains. Think about it as of a communitarian automotive company, which thinks collectively and acts locally.
In contrast to a traditional automotive company we consist of me you and everyone else who contributes to Occupy Cars.

DIY aficionados, makers, mechanics, programmers, engineers, machinists, artists, designers, writers, photographers and film makers, skateboarders, stuntmen & women and everybody else who contributes to Occupy Cars is welcome to join the ride and be part of the OccupyCars communitarian automotive company :slight_smile: !

Occupy Cars uses the internets and the technology which is available to us, to instantiate a new form of a global production and upcycling collective which innovates upon our automotive heritage. We create the skills and the knowledge collectively and commercialize it locally.

You see, the Occupy Cars Movement is on the productive side of things. We try hard to spend our time on making things work and have some fun.

Content which is violent and alienating in any form should not be the Occupy Cars movement.

Lets occupy some cars with electric opensource drivetrains!


Seems awesome, will follow this and hopefully be able to contribute.

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