Arduino Coil Winder

Hello Occupy Cars People,

My bare-bones Arduino coil winding jig is beginning to function, so I thought I’d share some info.

The idea is the coil motor (stepper X) spins continuously, pulling wire through the winding guide, which leads the wire back and forth (stepper Y). It is easy enough to measure wire this way, just find the ~perimeter of the coil core and limit the number of stepper X rotations based on your needs in the Arduino IDE. All the parts are either 3d printed or generic off the shelf bits.

Here is my Github repo- it has all the current STL files, notes, wiring diagrams, and a C++ sketch to run it.

Arduino Uno + breadboard
2x DRV 8825 (!get many- they need to be dialed back via the trimpot, and break / burn fast!)
2x NEMA 17 bipolar steppers
100uf electrolytic capacitor
2mm pitch rod / nut (reprap style)
608 type bearing
Assorted M2 and M3 hardware

There is also a Frizing wiring file in there. I’ll report back as things evolve and get refined, but at least this setup moves correctly and can now be hacked upon much faster to taste.

– Jess


Update with new parts- I am leaning toward a normal chuck design now, and will just deal with the coil perimeter/geometry in the Arduino code to make up for it. I am going off this design:

Here is the general idea:

Repo has been updated too.

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