Axial Flux motors


Lets build some knowledge about axial flux motors here!

About BORGI Hubmotor

This blogpost about the Emrax motor (which I belive use the halbach array principle) might be of interest;


Interesting. Does not look like a hallbach arry though.


Seems like you’re right. Don’t know why I thought it was. I guess it could be using Halbach array as there is 20 magnets on each side so a multiple of 4, but nothing that actually says that it is. And even the author of the teardown I linked to says it doesn’t use halbach even if it does not seem to be polarity tested. Maybe I picked it up from this article;


Hallbach array seems like a good idea though. Have not seen it in a axial flux designs yet but i think its possible too. With wedge shaped magnets you could put another rectangular one inbetween the wedges to create it. Definately worth a try.


I agree, as this video shows, it is possible to use wedge shaped magnets for all directions, but probably not easy to get cheap.

The other motor in the article above, from Siemens, which is said to use halbach array, seems to be a radial flux in-runner, a few more detailed pics here;


We are currently working on the BORGI BETA motor. it features bigger, wedge shaped magnets and bigger coils for more beef. stay tuned!