Fast usable motor controller


Hi everyone!
Thanks Occupy Cars for this great work.

I’m building a hubmotor following Borgi design.
Do you suggest a diy working design for the motor controller?
I have seen VESC 150kw mod: it’s great but there are too many smd components that I can’t solder.
I saw HUBNER one also, but there are some components (gate driver) that are not open.

Thanks for support, once I’ll finish my design I will contribute to motor designs


Hey Alberto!
we will release some files on the new BORGI BETA design soon. The design has much improved and will have more power and is an enclosed design. We plan to release it in january.

In terms of the controller we are exited about the HUBNER controller. The firmware and hardware is fully opensource and has been tested with the BORGI motor. As the HUBNER currently only consists of the logicboard we have to wait for a good opensource powerstage for the controller. But we are optimistic that we can build something in 2019.



glad for the response.
So I will wait for the beta release to star making the motor. I plan to adapt to Renault/Nissan rear wheels (and in future in Fiat ones).
My car has 400 000km so I need a security kilometers backup :joy:

Waiting also for Hübner controller updates.
Have you considered STMicroelectronics FOC framework? It appears quite graphically oriented and simple and there are plenty of example igbt high voltage boards.
I thinks it should be easy to use this kind of board keeping the custom power mosfet outside.


Thanks for the hint! The Hubner uses a STM32 as well but does not feature FOC yet (but probbaly has enough crunch for FOC in the future). In terms of graphical interfaces, the HUBNER webinterface is quite extensive and is able to plot motorphase sinewaves as measured by the current sensors etc. And this thing just gets better any minute as its in ongoing development… and fully open source by the way. :wink:


So, I’ll wait for beta release to know new specifications of the motor :grinning: