We are CARION.IO from Berlin, Germany.

We founded carion mobility GmbH because we think retrofitting cars with electric drivetrains is a good idea. Also we build IOT Applications for all sorts of vehicles!

We founded occupycars.com because we thought its the right thing to do and because we wanted to share some technology with the world. We are currently contributing to Occupy Cars with the development of THE BORGI hubmotor and with hosting and building the community. We would like to produce and sell Occupy Cars in the future as well as provide parts and components for other builders.

Our competencies currently:
Mechanical engineering, software engineering, a bit of diy electronics engineering, product design, automation.

Our workshop includes a diversity of CNC machines such as Mills, printers, lasercutters etc and some other tools.

We currently opperate out of Berlin, Germany

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Hi. First, my complements. This is a really exciting project. As a longtime tinkerer, VW and kitcar enthusiast, FOSS and decentralization advocate and environmentalist, this project really resonates with me. I also am a 3D mechanical draftsman and would not mind helping out in that regard. I currently have a Volvo 240 I’d love to retrofit with rear hub motors and so am eagerly awaiting news on your Beta hub design as well!

p.s., to whoever has the pretty classic VW’s, I learned to drive on a '74 type 181 although my first car was a '66 bug. I drove the deserts between California and Texas in a 79 Vanagon.


Yeah! would love to hit the desert on a vanagon :cowboy_hat_face:
Could you digitize your Volvo wheelhub assembly? Would be cool to start a database on different car wheelhub designs… would help with adaptation of the motor!