Hub motors Mini Cooper


Hi, I have a Mini Cooper and stripped down and ready to become an EV. I’m leaning towards hub motors so that I can maximize the space available for batteries. Anyone have ideas on what’s the best hub motors to use


Hey Naidoo,
do you have pictures or 3d models of the MINI wheel axle? Lets try to adapt the Borgi motor for your build!
Some pictures would help to get a better understanding about how the MINI axles work.


I have a Mini as well,year 2010 (same wheel hub part fits model designations r55/r56/r57/r58/r59) and I would love to attempt this on my vehicle. I’m currently waiting for an extra rear wheel hub to arrive in the mail and I will make 3D models of it.

My concern is I don’t want to lose usage of my gas motor, I want a plug-in hybrid vehicle. Is there any way to make the electric motors work with the existing accelerator pedal in the car? I know it is “drive-by-wire” so the throttle signal could be intercepted somehow.


it’s relatively easy to intercept the acceerator signals via canbus. They normally work even when the motor is not running, just the 12v is on, then normally all the controllers on the canbus start to work.

Intercepting canbus is not that hard: you need a microcontroller with a canbus interface which listens on the canbus. A simple setup would be a Arduino or Raspberry Pi with a canbus shield. A Raspberry Pi setup would allow you to install canutils (a opensource canbus software suit running on linux) with which you can sniff all the can messages flowing through the bus. Accelerator pedal signals are quite easy to detect with canutils, just push the pedal and you normally see the can messages which act acording to your pedal action.


That’s good news to me. I have a lot of mechanical experience but I’m a complete novice when it comes to vehicle control systems and electronics. I had no idea you could interface with something like and Arduino I will look into that more!


I hope to find the time to do a little tutorial on that over here soon! In the meantime, youtube is your friend :wink: